“Increasingly, as artists begin to question their responsibility and perceive that ‘success’ in capitalist, patriarchal terms may not be the enlightened path to the future, which of these views they hold definitely affects how they see their role; as demystifier or as cultural healer. Healing is the most powerful aspect of reconstructive postmodernism, whereas for the de-constructivist, it would seem that art can only deconstruct. There is no future beyond deconstruction. Disrupting a reality so pervasive that we can’t see any other way of being is not possible without shedding the ‘old mind’ conditioned by our culture. And it is precisely at this crossover between the reactive mode of deconstruction and the more active mode of reconstruction — in which we are no longer merely the observers of our social fate but are participating co-creators — that a change from old-paradigm dynamics into new is likely to occur. As participating co-creators, we become ourselves the shapers of new frameworks, the orchestrators of culture and consciousness. Transformation cannot come from ever more manic production and consumption in the marketplace; it is more likely to come from some new sense of service to the whole — from a new intensity in personal commitment.”

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