Letter from Frantz Saintil: Plea for help in Haiti (2010)

Hey Rowynn,
I hope all is well with you. It’s very hard to get the internet from where I’m at..
I’m in the countryside someplace called L’Anse -a – Foleur in Port-de-paix, it’s about five hours away from what was the capital. Things have gotten completely out of control. I am currently helping families of the earthquake find their way around. There is practically no government agency that has come to our rescue here.

They are all concentrated in Port-au-Prince. What they don’t realize is that the after effect has handicapped us more in the countryside than anywhere else. I\’m writing but I\’m not content. I\’m afraid that we might not get out of this situation anytime some.What I’ve been doing is writing all my internet friends and letting them know that we are in time of crisis and if there is anything that you can do, please do it. I am so exhausted running back and forth spending the whole day without food and sometimes no hygiene products.It\’s great if you would be able to send stuff , first aid and used clothing are also very useful. I’m
goin back and forth to port-au – prince because earthquakes are still around. You can send the items to the DPTEAM and my friend will bring them to me.

It would be a life saver if you could round up some items like that.
stay safe , bye for now
Your friend in Haiti, FRANTZ

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