Frieze London 2015: The Aesthetics of Unification

The Frieze London 2015 art show was a mixture of surrealist pop art, iconic antiquities, and the extraordinary alongside the effete. The galleries represented were from all over the world, not just from Paris and New York as one might expect. Artists included were your usual big name classics, such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Willem de Kooning. However, you also had up-and-coming artists such as female Iraqi painter Hayv Kahraman and African artist Kudzanai Chiurai.
Surprisingly a number of installations on the premises physically brought people together, forcing them outside of their comfort zones. Rachel Rose’s carpeted crawl-through tent brought everyone who dared to enter face to face with each other in seclusion from the outside world. That space, complete with music and colored lights, resembled something like a trance zone. The ÅYR’s Frieze Project was a succession of bedrooms including screen-printed duvets, hanging lamps, and iPhone chargers. There were school groups of children jumping on the ÅYR beds, a mix of eclectic eccentrics alongside conservatives. Something most striking was galleries representing hostile countries situated within a single space. Even so, the atmosphere was relaxed and everyone was at peace with one another. Overall, the fair had the appearance of one giant party. 

the futures
the question
the unexpected 
the warning
the forests
the stories
the lives
the worthy
the desperation
the fearful
the beaten
the abused 
the forgotten
the lost
the decontextualization
the abstraction
the sublime
the silence 
the awakening 
the bridge 
Inspired by the 2015 Venice Biennale 

All photographs taken at the 2015 #VeniceBiennale

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