A Million More: The Stories of Vehicle Collision Survivors – Photography by: Martin Schoeller (Partnership between Fotografiska and Volvo)

                                         Fotografiska NY Installation © Martin Schoeller for Volvo: A Million More

Currently on view, at Fotografiska (NYC), in partnership with Volvo, a photo installation titled “A Million More” by Martin Schoeller tells the story of the survivors of vehicle collisions. 


The Luxury Swedish car company, Volvo, invented the first three-point seat belt in 1959. Since then, the company has strived to be interchangeable with safety first. Karolina Dmowska, Director of Partnerships at Fotografiska, states, 


“Our mission at Fotografiska is to inspire a more conscious world through the power of photography, and this installation is a testament to the medium’s ability to shape

emotions, convey stories, and effect change. We commend Volvo’s history of dedication to safety and innovation and are honored to give this project a home.”


The installation itself is featured in Fotografiska’s VBar, a former 19th-century chapel. The visitors are greeted by the audio recordings of the vehicle collision survivors. The portraits are up close and intimate, telling the survival story of each individual. 


In viewing these images, I was so touched by its presentation and the sincere narratives on display I reached out to Janique Helson (Volvo) with some questions about how they chose Martin Schoeller as the photographer:

  • Why was Martin Schoeller chosen for this particular series? 
    • As a globally renowned portrait photographer, Martin has been doing powerful work in capturing and helping tell the stories of Holocaust survivors and exonerated death row inmates. His unique style and ability to drive human connection through his camera lens made him the ideal photographer for this installation.
  • What about his work made him the perfect candidate?
    • Martin’s signature close-up portrait style ensures every subject, no matter their background, is treated with similar scrutiny to unveil raw emotion or past trauma underneath. Martin was able to capture this from survivors of vehicle accidents, many of which occurred years earlier, and helped Volvo showcase the three-point safety belt’s true impact on saving more than a million lives.


Martin Schoeller, was born in Germany in 1968. He is mainly known for his in-depth, close-up portraiture. Martin has received the prestigious Black Pencilat the D&AD Awards and Cannes Outdoor Grand Prix Award for his Colin Kaepernick portrait in Nike’s Just Do It campaign. His work is included in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Currently, Martin lives and works in New York.

                                Allison, 2020 © Martin Schoeller for Volvo: A Million More

                                       Carol, 2020 © Martin Schoeller for Volvo: A Million More

                                        David, 2020 © Martin Schoeller for Volvo: A Million More

The Exhibition runs until April 25, 2021. 



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