NYC Art Exhibition Opening: She’s Lost Control – The Hybrid Mythologies of Rowynn Dumont & Furusho von Puttkammer

Goth Art Party Exhibition Opening / October 2021

Soundtrack by: Mark Gertz (Black Rainbow) & Zachery Allan Starkey

Music Video Production by:
Furusho von Puttkammer, Zachary Allan Starkey. Collabs w/ Bernard Summer (New Order / Joy Division)

About this event:
This exhibition is a collection of the wonders and the horrors that live in the multidimensional cracks of everyday life. Isolation, claustrophobia -the absurdity of “otherness” as defined by Western and Asian culture. We cull from the unique experiences as women in Americana – an attempt to visually recreate the seething silent discomfort and the enduring positionality of childhood traumas and memories. The depicted subjects seduce and invite the viewer into profane scenarios – the sexuality, violence, and absurdity ironically challenge yet champions the viewer as voyeur.Opening night has limited availability. 

Please feel free to RSVP to stop by and check out the show anytime in October. Check Eventbrite for open dates!

The official opening for the event is October 2nd from 5-7pm at SOLAS. The afterparty is at MIKA in Bushwick, sponsored by KNOOW > Download the APP from the APP Store to get into the Afterparty for free *

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