Exhibition Review: Andy Warhol

On display from September 10, 2021, through January 30, 2022, at Fotografiska New York, is “Andy Warhol: Photo Factory.” Grace Noh curated the exhibition in collaboration with Jessica Jarl, Jack Shainman Gallery, and James R. Hedges, IV. 

The work is vast in its comprehensive display of Warhol works from the Factory days. The archive exhibited is four films and over 120 images — 20 of which have never been shown before. 

The exhibit plays out as an intimate portrait of Andy’s studio and everyday life. His interactions with his friends, colleagues, and the people who populated his life and work. His noted polaroids, gelatin silver prints, 16 mm screen tests, photo booth strips, and stitched photographic images are displayed. 

The text for the exhibition was written by curator and writer Vince Aletti, who states, “Warhol was as restless as he was relentless and shortly after he took up film, he picked up his won cameras: Polaroids and nifty little point-and-shoot. All of Warhol’s silk-screened and painted portraits, both commissioned and otherwise, were based on his Polaroids. His sitters included an ever-changing pantheon of pop celebrities, from Dolly Parton to Keith Haring, Jane Fonda to Pele, as well as a gaggle of New York drag queens and a host of pretty boys. Only too happy to take their clothes off for the camera.”

Enjoy the show below, and if you find yourself in NYC, come and check it out in person! 

Want more? Check out the original review in COOPH Magazine.

Fotografiska Warhol (photo by Dario Lasagni)

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