From the Beginning: New Orleans – Time is not linear. 

The following excerpts are from journal entries from the late 1990s-early 2000s. 

When you have nothing, you do not fear losing something. Fear is the mind-killer. Live in strength, and do not fear. The dragon lives within… 

In this life, one may travel abroad. I feel as if I am searching for destiny, always on the move. But I am never stopping to look and listen to what is going on at that moment. Pause to stare at the sky. Breathe. Watch the clouds; they connect us to everyone and everything in the world, within any given moment. Journal Entry 1999

April 4, 2002 

This journal is written from the perspective of objectivism. Or at least as much as I am capable of having. The point is to record and remove emotion from the given entry. Of course, as I am human, there is always the chance that feeling will seep in, winding its way into the cracks. It is inevitable. Still, I will do my best.

At this point in time, this record exists as an archive of things that transpired surrounding Elijah and me here in New Orleans.

Our Apartment:

There is a lavish courtyard with this white, stone fountain in its center. The water is clear and blue. It brings me peace of mind watching it. There are two grey concrete benches, with Romanesque pillars, standing across from each other. The structure has four black rot-iron balconies overlooking the courtyard, with vines stretching up the side of the balcony. Stained glass windows line the intricately carved walls. These quarters were once a living place for those in service. Now converted into flats for those who dwell willingly in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

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