April 28, 2002: CC’s of Royal

The following excerpts are from journal entries from the late 1990s-early 2000s.

CC’s coffee house on Royal aesthetically fits to “New Orleans.” Cracked brick walls, grey cement flooring, wooden ceiling fans, vines growing up the walls. It is also very NOLA because of the people that frequent the establishment. By day, tourists and locals and by night creepers, perverts, and the scum of the Quarter gather here like street rats.

Our neighbor, who we often see here, is an excellent example of the CC’s types. We have seen her on the veranda and how she treats her own child. Trash reeks in the infested alleys, in the Quarter. It can become almost unbearable by the summer, and it seemingly converges with the most overwhelming stench, particularly right out front of the establishment. We rarely frequent this cafe of the night time.

Where should I start? There is so much to write, yet my thoughts are scattered like ashes in the wind…

Google Capture of our French Quarter Flat on Dumaine

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