Strange Events

The following excerpts are from journal entries from the late 1990s-early 2000s.

It wasn’t long living in that house before things began to go wrong. The Red Door was an omen that I never took heed of until it was too late.

Jasin and Eli got along initially, and then something began to change inside of Jasin. He began to drink, and the monster appeared. He became a totally different person, and jealousy will do that.

There was an open position at Gargoyles for door security, and I thought including him would make him feel better. So I helped him get the job. Big mistake. Seeing Eli and me working together made it worse. It did not help that Jasin did not get along with the other coworkers. He began to show up at the bars and cafes we frequented. Without a word, he would saunter up, sit down, and just stare at us. He made a point to only speak in an argumentive tone.

A bit of a back story, Jasin and I grew up together. We dated for a while, and to be honest, he was my first love. We had broken up a year before I moved to New Orleans, and we had stayed friends, and I had not thought anything else of it. I guess he secretly had always hoped we would get back together in hindsight. He was my best friend.

After these events had begun to occur, the actual house itself seemed to react to Jasin’s emotional state. Strange things started to happen.

From outside, it sounded like screams were coming from inside the house, from behind the Red Door. When my sister visited, she could hear knocking from under the floorboards, but we were on ground level. At night I would wake up sweating, with whispers in my ears.

Jasin would complain that he felt a heavyweight descending on him in bed as if someone was sitting on his chest. I came home to find my goldfish dead in the middle of the living room floor one time. Except for its tank was in the kitchen. The doors had been locked, the cats outside, and nobody was home.

The House on Adams Street, from behind. The Red Door.

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