May 6, 2002 

The following excerpts are from journal entries from the late 1990s-early 2000s.

Something is wrong with Tommy. I am really concerned. I called Tami at work (his wife lives in San Antonio) to tell her. I accidentally let it slip to Ruben, who works with Tami, that Tommy has HIV. I thought he knew, considering that they were so close and moving in together. Allison told me today, and I was not sure I believed her until I saw him. 

He has lesions under his eye and on his legs. He talked about the K, acid, crystal meth, and X he ingested in copious amounts. He said he passed out three times in a matter of minutes a few days ago and fell flat on the ground, face down. He hasn’t eaten or been to the doctor since he came to New Orleans. I do not know if he is even taking his meds. His dreadlocks are falling out, and he is laughing about it. 

Thomas Robert Lafitte, my best friend. RIP 2013.

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