May 7, 2002 – The Dragon Tattoo

The following excerpts are from journal entries from the late 1990s-early 2000s.

It is time to HEAL. This time last year, the lesson was STRENGTH, and this year it is healing. Elijah and I have our own individual backgrounds, problems, and things to sort out for ourselves. But we are also here to help each other, love each other, and heal together.

Photo of Elijah and myself taken in front of my mustang in the parking lot of Gargoyles, in the French Quarter. Circa* 2002.

The tattoo in this photo is not something Eli, and I got together. I got this tattoo from the journal of a monk from the 1600s. When I was 16, living in Ireland, I was researching dragons. I came across this journal in a monastery there, and the drawing was within its pages.

The way that I met Eli was he was sitting on the side of the street in the French Quarter, and I walked by him, and I noticed he had the same tattoo as me on his arm. Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed his arm. His reaction was one of the annoyance, to say the least. Until he saw that I was pointing to his arm and simultaneously thrusting my arm in his direction at the same time. We had the same tattoo.

Two other strange things regarding our meeting were that my phone number upside down spelled his name and that on the spot he was sitting, there was an arrow on the ground pointing in his direction.

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