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Verity and the Myths of Zeus

  The beginnings of the contemporary understanding of myths are particularly associated with early nineteenth-century discourses on secularism and colonialism. The battle of the sciences for authority over the church and similar powers in their ‘truth-claims’ about reality, led to continued debate on the rational and irrational in the aim

CAA 106 Annual Conference: Haitian Aesthetics & Resistance

It is with great pleasure that I announce that I will be giving a talk on Haitian Vodou Aesthetics and Resistance, at the CAA 106th Annual Conference in Los Angeles. The artists and artworks I will be talking about, have so much importance in contemporary times, expressing a historical narrative

Art & Decadence: Interview with Dr. Otto M. Urban, Czech Curator

May 1st, 2007 Luke Willard and I did an interview with Czech curator Dr. Otto M. Urban. The publication was for fnewsmagazine; the school newspaper at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have decided to reprint that interview here. The original link can be found here: FNEWS Photograph

Interview with Philosopher Howard Caygill for IDSVA, April 14, 2016

Last year I interviewed the Philosopher of Resistance, Howard Caygill, for The Institute of Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. I have decided to republish this interview here, for your viewing pleasure. The original can be seen here: IDSVA Newsletter 2016 RD: Can you start off with talking a little bit

Form and Content at the Centre Pompidou, Paris

This essay offers a brief discussion on the discourse of Kantian form vs. Hegelian content in relation to the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. Can form and content coexist in one architectural entity? My argument is that the Centre Pompidou, outwardly displays Kantian form, and yet at the same time,

Schopenhauer’s View of Destiny

“The ethical teaching of Schopenhauer is closely linked to his metaphysics, and in particular to these theses that the world of experience is illusory and that the true reality, the thing-in-itself, is the universal will. We see individuals rising out of nothing, receiving their lives as a gift, and then

We Are All Starlight: Thoughts on Kant’s Critique of Judgement

There is a space, which is laid in front of me. This space holds the emptiness that is my thoughts. Those thoughts are what connect the object that is between the space and I. The object has a flat surface and four sticks that hold the surface upon it. The

Lucy Lippard

“Turning around is sometimes just that: the simple (and not so simple) reversal of an accepted image. Something or somebody is stood on its head. Sacred cows are milked. Magic phrases are written backwards and dances are reversed in the tradition of the Sioux heyoka (shamans) or the Cheyenne Contraries

Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George is the patron saint of over ten countries and fourteen cities in the world, he is recognized in the Anglican Church, by the Roman Catholics and in the Eastern Orthodox Church. In Vodou he is a representative of the loa or orisha Ogoun, who is he that presides

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