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Fashions fade, NFTs are eternal: the future of fashion NFTs

The fashion industry, one of the largest industries in the world, generated $2.5 trillion in global annual revenues prior to the pandemic. Red DAO’s thesis around digital NFT fashion includes the potential of global revenues at least doubling over the next two decades due to the digitization of fashion and new capabilities offered.

Into the Metaverse: a short history

SuperRare Editorial – Original publication SEPTEMBER 10, 2021  ART/EDITORIAL Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being, or a substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal. JEAN BAUDRILLARD By Rowynn Dumont, Agora Gallery (NYC) & COOPH Magazine (Austria) Simulation

NFT Art and What it Means for Artists, Buyers and the Future of the Art Market

NFT is short for Non-fungible tokens, but what exactly does that mean? Published on July 23, 2021 Source: Agora Gallery by Rowynn Dumont and Page Carpenter Within the last two years, the concept of “NFT,” has burst into the art world in an unprecedented way. Technology has been waiting for years

The Fight Continues: Queer movements in Art AND Its influence

A public celebration of queer movements in art is back after a hiatus last year due to COVID so grab a mask and join in! Published on June 26, 2021 by Rowynn Dumont In honor of Pride Month, Agora Gallery explores the role of photography in documenting the history of queer movements

Graflex Super Speed Graphic: The Press Camera that Made an Era

The Graflex Speed Graphic, to the touch, is boxy, with a leather side strap for a sturdy on-the-go grip, denoted for its press-style aesthetic. Only those considered truly serious photojournalists from the 1900s-1950s used the Graflex. The camera’s most renowned debut was when Weegee, the newspaper photographer, decided to pick

COOPH Magazine, Austria

COOPH Magazine, is a cooperative magazine written by photographers for photographers. The past two years I have been working as a writer and editor for COOPH. Please see here for sample articles: COOPH

We Are All Starlight: Thoughts on Kant’s Critique of Judgement

There is a space, which is laid in front of me. This space holds the emptiness that is my thoughts. Those thoughts are what connect the object that is between the space and I. The object has a flat surface and four sticks that hold the surface upon it. The

The Bubble

“When I look back on my best work, it was inevitably created in what I call The Bubble. I eliminated every distraction, sacrificed almost everything that gave me pleasure, placed myself in a single minded isolation chamber, and structured my life so that everything was not only feeding the work

past examples of my scribbles…

from various sources 🙂 enjoy FNEWS MAGAZINE links Glass Angeles 350 Victims, 233 Unidentified Art & Decadence: Interview with Otto Urban TERROR at the MCA


BBC has reportedly called Czech avant-garde artist David Cerny a new “guerrilla artist”, because of his sculpture titled, \’Entropa\’ revealed last January (2009) for the Czech’s inauguration to the EU Presidency. Cerny kept the piece under hat up until the opening, so that it was a major surprise when the

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