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The story of Rowynn Dumont…

a gaggle of geese:: the (un)notorious quote

“na oue samdi matin.”-dc “Life is just moment to moment.  You are almost there, focus.” – Me, 2007 “We look like angels until our passion dies.”- Thomas Dekker “The only difference between me and the insane is that I am not insane.”- Dali “Intelligence is defined by curiosity.” –Niko “Divine

April 22. 2021 (Brooklyn)

Sitting in a forgotten living room, vintage 1950s TV set, church pews, on the edge of the pandemic on the end of the tracks at the precipice of the world across from the cemetery – We are in the waiting room of Purgatory 😈

I am the Catalyst

The drifter. The girl between the cracks. Stoic Marcus Aurelius invited the reader to “consider how ephemeral and mean all mortal things are” in his Meditations. Keep reading and I will tell you my story …

CAA 106 Annual Conference: Haitian Aesthetics & Resistance

It is with great pleasure that I announce that I will be giving a talk on Haitian Vodou Aesthetics and Resistance, at the CAA 106th Annual Conference in Los Angeles. The artists and artworks I will be talking about, have so much importance in contemporary times, expressing a historical narrative

ODIGBA! The Death of A Mentor

“SAIC alum Rowynn Dumont was Houlberg’s assistant for over six years. She first learned of the instructor while flipping through the course listings, excited to find offerings like Haitian Voodoo and Witchcraft. “When she would walk into a room, it was like a forgotten entity was walking in, like something

and then one day…

you stop thinking of becoming an idea, and you just are…

Letter from Frantz Saintil: Plea for help in Haiti (2010)

Hey Rowynn, I hope all is well with you. It’s very hard to get the internet from where I’m at.. I’m in the countryside someplace called L’Anse -a – Foleur in Port-de-paix, it’s about five hours away from what was the capital. Things have gotten completely out of control. I

last day: the Raggi Tree

unfortunantly i dont have a digital photo of this tree, only 35mm -the bumps on the tree makes the work (spell) go faster -people come here to lock a woman or a man into the tree also love, work -\”bring it to me\” is what the star under the tree

varios notes: Haiti 2

-the Gede ceremony food: in big rot iron vats they cook/ boil corn mill, ginger, vanilla and spices, this food is given to the poor people -bread (white and flat way bread) -rum -milk (called \”akioo\” or \”cent\”) the food is given \”to the people as charity so the souls

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