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NYC Art Exhibition Opening: She’s Lost Control – The Hybrid Mythologies of Rowynn Dumont & Furusho von Puttkammer

Goth Art Party Exhibition Opening / October 2021 Soundtrack by: Mark Gertz (Black Rainbow) & Zachery Allan Starkey Music Video Production by:Furusho von Puttkammer, Zachary Allan Starkey. Collabs w/ Bernard Summer (New Order / Joy Division) About this event:This exhibition is a collection of the wonders and the horrors that live

Into the Metaverse: a short history

SuperRare Editorial – Original publication SEPTEMBER 10, 2021  ART/EDITORIAL Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being, or a substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal. JEAN BAUDRILLARD By Rowynn Dumont, Agora Gallery (NYC) & COOPH Magazine (Austria) Simulation

Tom Of Finland (NSFW) – Exhibition Closing Review (Fotografiska NYC)

“Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella.” 

The Fight Continues: Queer movements in Art AND Its influence

A public celebration of queer movements in art is back after a hiatus last year due to COVID so grab a mask and join in! Published on June 26, 2021 Agora-gallery.com by Rowynn Dumont In honor of Pride Month, Agora Gallery explores the role of photography in documenting the history of queer movements

April 22. 2021 (Brooklyn)

Sitting in a forgotten living room, vintage 1950s TV set, church pews, on the edge of the pandemic on the end of the tracks at the precipice of the world across from the cemetery – We are in the waiting room of Purgatory 😈

I am the Catalyst

The drifter. The girl between the cracks. Stoic Marcus Aurelius invited the reader to “consider how ephemeral and mean all mortal things are” in his Meditations. Keep reading and I will tell you my story …

Pixy Liao: Your Gaze Belongs to Me

 Currently on view at Fotografiska (NYC) is Shanghai native Pixy Liao’s “Your Gaze Belongs to Me.” The work is both explorative and reveals the intimacy between her and her long-term partner. The photographic works are part of an ongoing series titled “Experimental Relationship.”  Initially, the project started when Pixy was

A Million More: The Stories of Vehicle Collision Survivors – Photography by: Martin Schoeller (Partnership between Fotografiska and Volvo)

                                         Fotografiska NY Installation © Martin Schoeller for Volvo: A Million More Currently on view, at Fotografiska (NYC), in partnership with Volvo, a photo installation titled “A Million More” by Martin Schoeller tells the story of the survivors of vehicle collisions. 

An Interview with New York’s very own; New York Romantic…; February 2021

Hash Halper RIP 1980-2021 New York’s own Hash Halper, aka “New York Romantic,” sat down with me to discuss his first solo show at the gallery, Art of Our Century.” Hash’s work is recognizable to any New Yorker who spends much of their time in lower Manhattan. His hearts recognizably

Verity and the Myths of Zeus

  The beginnings of the contemporary understanding of myths are particularly associated with early nineteenth-century discourses on secularism and colonialism. The battle of the sciences for authority over the church and similar powers in their ‘truth-claims’ about reality, led to continued debate on the rational and irrational in the aim

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